About Us

GØRVA design is a project started by the folks from 6 Degrees FX. Our goal is to design and manufacture innovative, quality parts for the builder community. 
We enjoy building pedals and we also love seeing other builders' creations.  We believe that pedals reflect a builder's personality and character, much like artwork and music. that's why we put in a lot of efforts focusing on improving the parts just so builders can achieve superior aesthetics and tonal quality. 
Our team members have many years of experience in the manufacturing industry making cell phones, computers, and general consumer electronics such as headphones, VR headsets...etc and we are connected to a very complete supply chain covering raw material supplier, factory, ODM, contract manufacturing and many more. We hope our expertise can be helpful to everyone in the community. 
GØRVA design team appreciates your support and we look forward to seeing more stylish creations from all of you!