About Us

GØRVA design is a project started by the folks from 6 Degrees FX to bring stable supply of quality parts to builders. 
We believe that a pedal reflects the builder's personality and character, much like artwork and music. We enjoy building pedals and we also love seeing other builders' creations. 
In the early days we realized most of the parts available through local sources are of low quality or have unreliable source. That limited our abilities to create premium products so we decided to look into the supply chain and visited many factories in Asia in order to find quality parts and reliable suppliers. 
As we all know, SMD is the main trend and the industry at large is moving away from through hole parts. Quite a bad news for the DIY community and builders like us who love the vintage vibe.  Through some friends' connections we were able to find some of the factories that manufacture for big companies like Vishay, Mallory, Korg, Sony, and many others. 
We also did quite some research and studies on metal/chemical's physical and electrical properties to furnish ourselves with knowledge and expertise in order to develop high grade parts. We now work closely with these factories to custom develop our own branded components to provide stable supply of quality through hole parts. 
We hope to bring the highest quality parts to both professional builder and DIY hobbyist communities around the world! GØRVA design team appreciates your support and we look forward to seeing more stylish creations from all of you!