Espresser - Box Radial

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Metalized polypropylene box type radial capacitors. All values unified to 100VDC, 5% tolerance and 10mm pitch.  All values have very similar dimensions. 0.1µf and up are slightly taller and thicker by 1mm.


13mm (W) x 11mm (H) x 5mm (T)

  • 0.0022µf (2.2nf)
  • 0.0047µf (4.7nf)
  • 0.01µf (10nf)
  • 0.022µf (22nf)
  • 0.047µf (47nf)

13mm (W) x 12mm (H) x 6mm (T)

  • 0.1 µf (100nf)
  • 0.22µf (220nf)
  • 1µf (1000nf)

    Made in Taiwan