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Made in Taiwan by the same factory which makes our Mechano 3PDT. These 16mm potentiometers have  +/- 10% tolerance to help you achieve consistent circuit performance. They also have preassembled dust seals to make sure no dusts could get in after they leave the factory. Comes with custom made mini nuts which work well with ROTO 13mm knobs fitting under the skirt for clean look. 

16mm potentiometer
1/4” (6.35mm) smooth shaft
G-10 fibreglass board
+/- 10% tolerance 
Aluminum shaft
Zinc alloy bushing
SPCC-SD terminals, matte tin plated
DuPont POM 500P inner core block
C7701R-H Nickel-Silver wiper 
Steel housing, bright tin plated
Machine-pressed dust seal

B taper 10K ~ 500K
Residual resistance <10Ω
Rotational noise <60mV

A taper 10K~500K
Residual resistance <10Ω
Rotational noise <100mV